Monday, June 10, 2013

4 Awesome Bubble Toys

It's that time of year again.  The weather's warmed up and kids are looking for something to do.  It's a great time for bubbles.

Whether they're old enough to do it all on their own, or need Mom and Dad to blow the bubbles, kids love blowing bubbles.  Just head out into the yard with bubble solution, and they're enchanted.

For toddlers, push bubble blowers are endless hours of fun.  My little three year old is a HUGE Mater fan, so I was delighted to see the Pixar Cars 2 Bubble Mater mower from Fisher Price.  As kids wear themselves out pushing this cool guy around the yard, he makes bubbles for them (and the other kids in the neighborhood).

Mater's one-touch dispenser and EZ fill bubbles are just what we need.  He even comes with solution, for bubble fun right out of the box.  Recommended for ages 2-6.

If you prefer the classic lawn-mower style, try this one for kids 2-5:  Fisher-Price Bubble Mower.  Here, again, we have the family-friendly feature of a one touch dispenser and refill system, making it easy to keep our little ones on the go with their bubble maker.  Those tough tires are built to take on a variety of terrain.

One word of caution, if you pick up this blower:  many parents have reported the solution it comes with seems to clog the system, so that it doesn't blow bubbles.  You may need to dilute the original solution, make your own, or put in a different brand.  If it clogs, don't worry, it rinses out easily.

The Gazillion Bubble Machine is a blast.  Try this automatic bubble blower at a birthday party, or just for fun in the yard.  It can make 500 bubbles per minute (I sure can't keep up with that!).  It comes with its own special brand of solution, but requires 6 "AA" batteries which are not included.  Recommended for kids ages 3-5.

For bigger bubbles, try the Incredibubble Wand.  Sometimes, the simplest toys really are the best.  A little tray, a little solution, and this wand are all it takes to make incredible bubbles.  Recommended for kids 3-15 (or the young at heart).

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