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I'm a busy, work-at-home mother of four brilliant, creative kids.  I have three boys, ages four to eight, and a girl, age twelve.  Now that my eldest is approaching her teens, and after going through some major life changes as a family over the last few years, I'm more passionate than ever about what childhood should be.

It seems like a modern childhood is full of brightly-colored, blinking plastic.  Most of it won't survive one child, and that's if it's built sturdy enough in the first place to live out the first day they get it.  All flash, no substance - that all too quickly populates our landfills.

In the meantime, it languishes in their playroom, while they'd rather play video games.

Don't get me wrong - I'm a gamer myself.  I see a lot of worth and entertainment in gaming.  I've written about their favorite games quite a lot over on HubPages and on our gaming blog.

But I also believe childhood should be full of special toys, good books, and great board games.  It should be experiences to be remembered: family treks along wilderness trails, wanders along sandy beaches, and long drives along scenic routes.  And there should be warm, sweet summers and holidays at the grandparents playing with cousins.

I find myself increasingly nostalgic for classic toys: Marbles.  Jacks.  Even Legos, caltrops though they are. For holidays and birthdays, I spend hours looking for today's rare toys of quality and meaning.  Items with the potential to be remembered fondly when the kids are grown, and, ideally, last long enough to be passed down to younger siblings or even children of their own.

So, what you'll find on this blog are my suggestions, thoughts, and experiences, all with the goal to help other busy parents and grandparents find the best for their little ones.

Now, I do belong to Amazon's affiliate program, and a few others.  Odds are, if you click one of my links to a product and choose to buy it, I may make a few cents - rarely enough for a cup of coffee off any one sale.  If that bothers you, you are, of course, free to bypass the link.  Rest assured, I receive no other compensation for my reviews, and all experiences and opinions are authentically my own.  Always.

Thanks for visiting.

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